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Gift back to us. 7-1-19

Gift back to us. 7-1-19

We met a young lady recently at a picnic with her friends. I offered to pray with them and she readily agreed. After we prayed I gave them wristbands and a Bible.
She said she found Jesus while she was in jail 10 months ago. She was very excited about Him and the fact that he helps her through her struggles as she is walking away from drug addiction.
As we were talking with her, one of our team members asked if someone had prayed with her in the parking lot of Applebee’s last summer?
She said yes, and she couldn’t believe that he had jumped out of a car and just prayed with her like he did. She said that was the worst time of her life, and that prayer started changing everything.
When we pray with people, we don’t often get to hear how their life changes, but on this day we did!
What a Gift!!
We prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill her up, and to continue to direct her life. We prayed for all her friends and their needs too.
We also prayed for a healing for her and the Lord did it right then and there! The look on her face in the picture says it all!
Thank you Jesus!

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