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Unawkward eVanGelism

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It’s hard to walk up to someone you know, let alone a stranger, to share the Gospel.

Join us on Wednesday nights as we learn the “Jesus Approach”.

We will help you use the gifts, talents and abilities God has given you to reach the lost.

You’ll learn how to approach, what to say and how to use the tools (Bible and wristband) for effective Evangelism and to remove the awkwardness.

You will learn the three areas of importance and where you fit in:

1. Leader

2. Prayer – Intercessor

3. Team Member

You will learn how to talk to people and share the Good News with them in a way that is natural and conversational.

This class will hit it from different angles and will include practice in groups so you will know what to do when actually engaging people.

This class will fine tune our skills so we can work together better as the body of Christ, like a skilled army – each one having their part, as we enter into this work of saving the lost and making them full followers of Jesus Christ.





First Assembly of God
1400 W Washington Center Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825


Start of next class to be announced
7:00 to 8:30 pm

Enter through door 16 (Office) next to the main entrance,
go straight to the coffee shop area, turn right to room 42.

Or enter through the main entrance, go straight
to the coffee shop area to the right, go straight through
across the first hallway to the 2nd room on the right – 42.


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